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Not interested in becoming a #SENIORMODEL but still want an amazing Senior Portrait Session?

Great, just contact me at or text to 254-716-1054,


  • You must be Senior Class of 2018
  • You must agree to ONLY represent Kristie Mason Photography for senior portraits
  • Parental consent/#SENIORMODEL agreement signed and returned to KMP is required to participate 

What YOU get: 

  • FREE Summer #SENIORMODEL Photo Session! ($350 value)
  • FREE Senior Model cards to be given to your friends referring Kristie Mason Photography with a voucher valued at $50 (They must present your card at their booked session and mention your name when booking please)
  • A fun and memorable experience to be a #SENIORMODEL
  • Opportunity to participate in FREE Group #SENIORMODEL Photo Session(s) and receive a FREE t-shirt.



  • Only represent Kristie Mason Photography for senior portraits
  • When sharing images on social media or elsewhere you agree to use watermarked images provided to you and you will tag KMP for photo credits accordingly 
  • Hand out your FREE #SENIORMODEL cards referring KMP **A minimum of 1 referral booking is required, in the event a referral is not booked within 90 days FULL PAYMENT for your Summer #SENIORMODEL Session will be due, ($350)
  • Sign and return #SENIORMODEL Agreement to KMP within 1 week of receiving email you are chosen.

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​​What is a #SENIORMODEL you ask? A #SENIORMODEL is someone that is a spokes model for Kristie Mason Photography. Their job is to participate in a FREE #SENIORMODEL Session and tell all their friends and classmates just how great their senior portrait experience was! I am now accepting applications for the 2018 Graduating Class. I am looking for fun, energetic, and fashionable models to represent Kristie Mason Photography to the Class of 2018! Are you liked by your classmates, involved in school activities or in the community, and looking for a fun senior portrait experience? If Yes! Then apply to be a #SENIORMODEL today! 

Established in 2009


Email me answering the following questions and include 1-3 photos for me to see your style to

Application Questions:  (Please copy these questions and answer completely in your email to me with subject line "#SENIORMODEL AP")

  1. What’s your name?
  2. What school do you attend?
  3. Which extracurricular activities are you involved in?
  4. Are you willing to do the following if chosen as a Senior Model?
  • Enjoy your FREE #SENIORMODEL Session with KMP and RAVE to all your friends about your session and hand out your FREE #SENIORMODEL cards.
  • Post your watermarked images only on your Facebook/Instagram tagging Kristie Mason Photography.
  • Represent ONLY Kristie Mason Photography for senior portraits.